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How To Wear Your Clothes
(or, how to look great no matter what)
Have you ever seen somebody walking down the street in a completely fabulous outfit, and think to yourself, "Wow, they look great! I'm totally going to do that myself!" So you go and recreate the outfit for yourself, only to discover you look like a small child playing dress-up, thus retreating into your everyday jeans-and-tee-shirt combo, all the while wondering what went wrong.

Here's a secret: Nothing went wrong. The outfit just wasn't "YOU!" The real key to look great all the time, is knowing your style and being confident in what you wear. Sure, it's easy to dress in head-to-toe Abercrombie (or Hot Topic, or Macy's, etc. etc.), but wouldn't you much rather develop your own style, and enjoy shopping from a multitude of stores, rather than trying to fit into one cookie-cutter image? Here are a few tips for developing your style.

1. Play around! Unless you're 100% sure of what kind of style you want/consider "you," take chances and have fun with your fashion. Maybe you'll end up really digging baggy pants with chains, or you'll love the prim-and-proper feeling you get when you deck yourself out in pink, preppy essentials. Try different things and take note of what you feel the best in.

2. Take the time. I'm not going to sit here and tell you that fashion is easy and comes naturally to everyone, because it doesn't. Looking fashionable can take effort and time, but once you've got yourself down pat, it becomes easier to put together outfits you'll feel amazing in. When you've got free time, take time to put together new outfits using things you've already got. You could take pictures of these outfits, so you can refer to them when you think you have nothing to wear. If you don't have access to a camera, try

3. Keep a style diary. Every day, write down what you wore and how it made you feel. You may realize that when you wear neutrals, you have bad days, and when you wear bright colors, you're much happier. Then you can focus on buying the things that fit into these categories.

4. Get a second opinion. If you're not sure about something, ask a friend or somebody close to you. They'll be honest and help you come to a decision. But always remember, if you think it doesn't look good or you absolutely love it and someone're the one who has to wear it, not them! Always trust your gut.

5. Quality over quantity. Invest your money in pieces that will last for years as opposed to just a few months. Similarly, if you have clothes that are damaged and you're unable to have them fixed, just get rid of them. They look bad and probably don't make you feel very good, either.

6. Find your style muse. This is someone whose style you admire, usually a celebrity. I find it wisest to choose one who looks a bit like you. To find photos of their style, search their name in Google and pick a fan site. These usually have an abundance of paparazzi photos, so you have more outfit ideas.

7. Accessorize! You can make any jeans-and-tee combo exactly you with just a few "just-right" accessories!

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