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January 1, 2009
Hello everybody, &welcome to Vogue It Up! This blog will be about personal style, runway fashion, the latest trends, etc. etc. If you have suggestions, be sure to let me know either in a comment or the shout box to the left!

Before I beging posting, I've decided to take the time to show off a few of my favorite blogs. These blogs have inspired not only my style, but also inspired me to start this blog! So drop by, read a few entries, leave a comment or two! Enjoy!

1. A Diva's Daily Wear
This blog is a "day by day fashion development of a 20-something diva in the making." It follows the day-to-day fashion choices of Katie. Not only are her choices extremely cute, but Katie herself is very inspiring! At only twenty years old, she is already married and has a job running a real estate company. How's that for inspiration?

2. Domestic Sophisticate
This blog is about "young moms on a quest for fashion and beauty." Rather than falling into the fashion slumps that so many associate with motherhood, this pair of sisters started their blog to challenge themselves to continue dressing their best, despite being Stay-At-Home-Moms. They are often on budgets, so their shopping tips are great for those of us without an endless income!

3. Go Fug Yourself
Because fugly is the new pretty! A hilarious blog filled with celebrity photos and "cracks" on their fashion choices.

4. Karla's Closet
"A blog oozing with inspiring pictures, clippings, and personal photographs to make your life a little more fashionable." Karla's fashion isn't always the most conventional, but it's always gorgeous and definately fashion-forward!

5. Sea of Shoes
Jane is a sixteen-year-old fashionista with a closet full of those items the rest of us can only lust over. Whether you love her style or hate it, you can't help but be enchanted.

6. What I Wore Today
Follow Kasmira as she posts her daily outfits. Sometimes quirky and always fun, Kasmira is a great source of inspiration.

7. Strawberry Kitten
It's just so cute!

8. Gym Shoes and Jimmy Choos
Finally, a fashion blog aimed at teenagers! Zoe takes all the latest trends and shows you how to work them into your wardrobe, even on a budget!

9. The Look for Less
Do you have a star whose style you wish you could emulate? This is place for you!

10.College Fashion
A great source for learning all about the latest trends, where to buy the best basics, how to dress up that little black dress for a holiday party, and more!

Vogue It Up
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Welcome to Vogue It Up, a blog about personal style, runway fashion, etc. etc.

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